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Welcome to .NET "Presentations in a Box." We have a listing of workshops and presentations YOU can use AND contribute to! Remix and share, and present at Meetups, User Groups, CodeCamps, or Conferences! Not familiar with .NET? Download open source .NET Core for any OS at http://dot.net or try it in your browser at http://try.dot.net now!

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.NET Presentations

.NET Conf 2018

Here are the presentations from .NET Conf 2018, along with creative content and info you can use to put on your own .NET Conf Local event!


What is .NET?

Level 100 Beginner 45min presentation on what .NET is and how to get started!

.NET Today and Tomorow

Overview of the .NET platform, open source ecosystem, features in the latest releases, and the future roadmap of .NET Core 3.0. Great for keynotes.

ASP.NET Core - Security and Identity

Overview of Security and Identity in ASP.NET Core 2.0, including Authorization Policies, Cookie Auth, and TOTP. Demos included.

Xamarin.Forms - Extend and Optimize

This deck focuses on the latest developments in Xamarin.Forms that will help developers share more code and build beautiful native iOS and Android apps in less time.

Xamarin.Essentials - Cross-platform Native APIs

Xamarin.Essentials, a powerful cross-platform library that provides a clean and lightweight API to access common features on mobile platforms, in your cross-platform C# apps without writing abstractions or platform-specific code.


ASP.NET Core For Beginners

Are you completely new to .NET? No problem! Here’s a half day workshop for developers who have no experience with .NET Core or ASP.NET. We’ll start with the basics and build up to a movie database website with search.

ASP.NET Core App Workshop

In this workshop, you’ll learn by building a full-featured ASP.NET Core application from scratch. We’ll start from File/ New and build up to an API back-end application, a web front-end application, and a common library for shared data transfer objects using .NET Standard.

.NET Core Workshop

Are you ready to get started with .NET Core? This one day workshop covers the basics, then digs into web development with ASP.NET Core, .NET Standard, porting from .NET Framework, and containers.

ASP.NET Core Authorization Workshop

A workshop for moving through the various new pieces in ASP.NET Core Authorization.

ASP.NET Core Overview Workshop

This ASP.NET Core workshop is broken down by topics: middleware, front-end, etc.

Community E-Books and Tutorials

Build an Airport Explorer with ASP.NET Core

This free e-book guides you through creating a really cool application using ASP.NET Core Razor Pages, AJAX, 3rd party APIs, mapping, data integration with CSV source data, and more.

The Little ASP.NET Core Book

You don’t need to know anything about web programing or ASP.NET Core to get started! The Little ASP.NET Core Book is structured as a tutorial. You’ll build an app from start to finish and learn: